Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks are one category in the Kayaking market that is amazingly popular. Despite the fact that they offer (arguably) some of the least enjoyable paddling experiences out there.

This is the result of a rather normal evolution of the inflatable boats market. I remember an inflatable boat my father bought 30+ years ago. It was the usual roundy shape, rather hard to control and not very “seaworthy”. However, I recall countless hours of fun on it. The fact that it was pretty much unsinkable gave my folks the confidence they needed to let me go out to row.

Today’s exploding market of inflatable kayaks, reflects the natural evolution for the little inflatable fun boats we used to play with. They are far better to paddle and control and the element of safety is still there. As a kayak, perhaps they are too flexible to allow efficient paddling but as a whitewater craft or as an introduction to kayaking for new paddlers they are unequalled.

One category worth mention is the growing segment of
inflatable dive kayaks
. These boats offer a versatile way to transport diver and equipment to a near shore dive location. The kayak doubles its purpose as transportation and floating flag holder for divers.

Inflatable kayaks also find followers in the discipline of Kayak fishing. The inflatables offer an excellent platform for the fishermen.

Other features like, transportability, ease of storage and high buoyancy make these boats something to seriously consider.