Enlightened Kayaks

Enlightened Kayaks
Great site with smartly designed kayaks that offer excellent performance and very reasonable prices.

Update: Apparently the whole company has gone under.
Their website “www.enlightenedkayaks.com” is now a generic page and all attempts to contact them have failed.
If you have any information on this company or about the people who used to work at enlightened kayaks please send us an email or post a comment below so we can follow up on them.

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4 thoughts on “Enlightened Kayaks

  1. Is enlightened kayaks still with us? – I get something other than their website when I click on and they are not responding to emails.

  2. I appears they allowed the domain to expire.
    It’s a shame!
    If someone from Enlightened Kayaks reads this, please, “enlighten” us on your whereabouts!

  3. I have an “Enlightened” brand kayak, and it is really good. I would have the regular contact information that a new owner would have and that’s about it. I got mine in 2004. It can be for sale at the right price, $1,800.00. I used it twice. Enjoyed it very much. Fishing seat and outrigger pontoons and all. GREAT!

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