Friday Kayak paddle off Crandon Park Marina

Quick kayak outing in Key Biscayne

Last Friday we had the opportunity to go out for a quick paddle with my nephews and brother in law. The day started looking very good but later in the afternoon thurnderstorms started to appear. Fortunately the wind kept the clouds further inland so we had a good day paddling after all.

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Hobie Tandem Island Kayaks

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Kate Hudson: Kayaking in a Bikini!

Kate Hudson: Kayaking in a Bikini! | Bikini, Kate Hudson, Pregnant Celebrities : Just Jared.

Celebrities and Hollywood stars enjoy Kayaking too.
Just take a look at pregnant Kate Hudson enjoying a ride in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Ferguson aboard as coach New Zealand canoeing

Kayaking: Ferguson aboard as coach – Sport – NZ Herald News.

Ferguson is back on the Canoe Racing NZ payroll for the World Cup campaign in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany beginning this month – coaching the highly promising K2 combination of his son Steven Ferguson and Darryl Fitzgerald

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Kayaking Trips in Alaska | Travel Tips –

Kayaking Trips in Alaska

via Kayaking Trips in Alaska | Travel Tips –

Kayaking trips in Alaska offer visitors the chance to paddle along some of North America’s most remote and unspoiled waterways. The indigenous Aleut tribes that once dominated this region were the inventors of the kayak. The Aleuts used kayaks for survival, fishing and hunting marine animals aboard these sturdy little vessels. Nowadays, tourists take to Alaskan waters in stable modern craft, but the rugged landscapes remain much the same as they did when kayaks first appeared in the area.

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The University of Idaho Swim Center hosts Kayaking workshop

Flipping out in the Swim Center.

Mark Cecchini Beaver, who has been kayaking for 16 years, practices in the Memorial Gym Swim Center Wednesday. Beaver plans to go kayaking this weekend.

The University of Idaho Swim Center was dotted with about 20 colorful plastic boats Wednesday night as first-time kayakers and experienced boaters worked to improve their skills at the Outdoor Program’s first open pool kayaking session.

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Isles of Capri hosts 5th Annual Kayak Festival

Sunday, the place to be for kayak paddling, kayak instruction, kayak building, and all things kayak-related was the Isles of Capri — at least until the storm blew in.

The Paradise Coast Paddlers Club hosted their 5th Annual Kayak Festival on Sunday, at the Capri Fish House restaurant on Isles of Capri. Actually, most of the action took place behind the restaurant, on the strip of white sand beach overlooking Johnson’s Bay.

People came from all over Florida for the event, said festival chairman Craig Martin.

via Marco Eagle.

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Kayaking is good exercise

Dont believe me? Rent one and paddle for an hour.
You can paddle as hard as you can for a great anaerobic effort and ease on the beat for a long, fat burning session. All surrounded by nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Kayaking in Venice

Sneak an inflatable kayak and get a glimpse of the city not usually shown to tourists

The Bijoux Baby Vest

The Bijoux Baby Vest
The best baby vest we have seen. Don’t forget to watch the video demonstration.

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Qayak: an inflatable kayak at a very attractive price

Inflatable kayaks and inflatable kayak accessories by Qayak
Sporty, efficient, reliable inflatable kayaks at affordable prices. Aquatic adventure is now within reach with an inflatable kayak.

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Special Report: Weeki Wachee River

Special Report: Weeki Wachee River | %u2022 St. Petersburg Times

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“SealLine” Baja Deck Bag

Baja Deck Bag
Here’s the best way to keep a few essentials dry and handy on deck while sea kayaking. Our deck bag has waterproof RF-welded seams and a low-profile shape to protect against deck-washing waves. Convenient zip access is guarded by our patented splash-proof Zip Lips closure and roll-back zipper visor. It is built with tough 19 ounce vinyl and an internal shape-holding stiffener. Outside, a mesh zip pocket holds small items that can get wet, and an elastic cord has clips for attaching a Sealline® Map Case or Electronic Case. A detachable shoulder strap is handy for carrying on shore.

Nemo 33, The worlds deepest pool

NEMO, The world’s deepest pool

Nemo, the world's deepest pool

Nemo, the world's deepest pool

This must be a once in a lifetime experience

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Fouhy In Battle Against Time

Fouhy In Battle Against Time

Ben Fouhy, Olympic Silver medalist and New Zealand Kayak champion, has been battling a virus as he prepares for the world kayaking championships, due to start tomorrow in Hungary.

Fouhy relocated to the Northern Hemisphere earlier this year for the summer racing season and has achieved very good results in recent world cup races.

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